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Dancers, Masters and Choreographers of Tango Argentino.
Specialized in the characteristics and interpretation of the Tango Styles:
Ancient Tango; Canyengue; Milonguero and Scenic Tango.

With an intense International trajectory,
they have performed in important cultural events
and Argentine Tango Festivals around the world.

Beginning in the most traditional Milongas of Buenos Aires,
and after having studied the essence of the genre
with the most outstanding and recognized
Masters of the environment of old times,
they decide to start their first world tour in America and Europe.
After this stage they settled in Barcelona since 2006,
to develop tango projects of beautiful authenticity
and great professionalism.

Directors of La Yumba,
Cultural Tango Center and Tango School of Barcelona.
Directors of the Tangos Brujos Cia.
Judges of the World Tango Championship.
10 consecutive years, Gest Artists at Feast Xmast UK.
Their unusual performance "Historia de un Milonguero"
(Story of a Milonguero)
was selected for the opening of the renowned International Tarbes Tango Festival.
The Niza Tango Festival
(One of the longest running events in this city)
calls them repeatedly for the teaching of Tango Canyengue and also for the Opening Gala in 2016.

This Argentinian couple of Dancers
is awarded and Scholarships by juries of great hierarchy in Argentina,
both for their interpretive quality and teaching abilities.

Today, it is they who with dedication and enthusiasm invite you to an event made with love where the true protagonist is the Stories that tell your Embraces...

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Graciela y Osvaldo

WhatsApp : (+34) 626 107 415

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