Argentine dancers, teachers and choreographers, managers of the LA YUMBA Cultural Tango Center in Barcelona. Arts Directors of the Interntional Festival and Marathon "BARCELONA TANGO MEETING" Teachers invited by the Argentine Consulate in Barcelona for the Argentine Tango courses open to the entire Community of Spain. Judges of the World Tango Championship (2006 - 2011).

Gustavo started dancing in the late ‘90s, studying from milongueros and stage performers. In 2003 he met María and they started teaching together at the famous Salón Canning, in Buenos Aires.Their teaching method is both precise and gradual. Because of this, they’re among the most popular teachers. They regularly teach workshops in their home town and in international festival and events. Their kindness and good sense of humor make the learning very effective for the students. Gustavo is patient and reflective, María brings dynamism and clarity in the concepts.


Fernando is argentinian and have danced tango for 20 years and have taught for over 15 years. In all this time he has developed a clear and effective way of teaching . Since about 5 years ago Stania and him started to work together. Stania has been dancing for over 10 years tango and also other dances like contemporary and flamenco. Together they have became a partnership with sensitivity and creativity in the dance as well as in their classes.
They identify themselves with tango as a social dance, so all what they teach has it as inspiration and it is applicable in the dance floor at the milonga.
Their classes are dynamic and clear, with great sense of humour. Their are base in Devon, England, where they teach regular classes from beginners to advance level. They organize regular milongas and the well known festival, Tango Feast that take shape 4 times a year.
They regular teach and perform in many places in Europe and Argetine .

Zoe and Federico are a couple of tango teachers with training in the areas of neuroscience and meditation, which are characterized by having both a holistic view on this dance.
Understanding the tango as a possibility to communicate, share and feel our body in the present moment.
Together they develop a methodology based on a complement between mindfullness meditation techniques and language of tango.
All this makes your Mindfultango workshops (Tango Aware) are a constant opportunity to know themselves.

Minfultango is the result of the integration of tango dance and mindfulness supported on a scientific basis; using each techniques as a tool for personal growth.
The Mindfulness techniques help us to understand how our mind works and how to give full attention to the present moment.
The concept of Dancing Tango in a state of mindfulness is all about experiencing our movements from moment to moment in the actual moment and feeling like it is something unique and creative.
This practice helps the dancers to learn it easily, as well as reaching a deeper sensitivity, consciousness, and friendliness when dancing